Outdoor Cushion Suppliers | Classification of outdoor mats

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Three categories of sleeping mats:
To realize the isolation of heat conduction and increase the R value, there is a common practice all over the world: lock the air. Although flowing air takes away heat, still air is an excellent "material" for thermal resistance. Why is down material so warm? Because there are countless small air sacs formed between the velvet flowers. The design idea of the sleeping pad is the same: lock the air.
Based on this, there are three types of sleeping mats on the market:
Foam cushion-keep warm through countless small airbags inside the dense closed-cell foam material.
Inflatable cushion-artificially construct an air bag and fill it with air to keep warm. Some models will fill the airbag with other insulation materials to further enhance the thermal performance.
Self-inflating cushion-a combination of foam cushion and inflatable cushion, using the expansion of open-cell foam to achieve self-inflating effect.