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BOSSIMA® Outdoor furniture shop-----The brand under Memo’s is opened in Lecong Louvre International Furniture Expo Center.

There is a saying circulating in the home furnishing industry “The world furniture from Lecong ,the Lecong’s furniture from Louvre International Furniture Expo Center".As a world-renowned home furnishing distribution platform, the Louvre has 380,000 square meters, which gathers the world's best quality products and receives more than 2 million merchants from more than 100 countries around the world .

On the grand day of November 11, 2020, BOSSIMA® outdoor furniture shop has been opened in the Louvre (1FA08-09) and (6FA07-09) units.

The shop decoration style is designed according to the variability and elements of the product, creating an authentic atmosphere in real life, revealing the unique charm of each product, the color and pattern of the fabric can be matched according to different types of decoration styles. Through the visual atmosphere layout, the theme of each furniture style is vividly displayed. With the carefully displayed art exhibits, it fully demonstrates the rendering power of the atmosphere of the BOSSIMA® furniture theme.

In the entire design of the furniture, integrate the incompetent attitude of life into it, fashionable design and exquisite craftsmanship are available, pursue to outline a refined and restrained space with a simple and tough atmosphere. Let every customer be immersed in the scene, feel the impact of its atmosphere, not only add creativity to the space, but also satisfy our aesthetic pursuit of creativity and personality.

From the raw materials, pure colors, the simple design concept, pursuit the essence of beauty make  us to understand "beauty" better. Interprets the gentle and simple life aesthetics, with a long and poetic meaning.

Memo’s brand--BOSSIMA® outdoor furniture brand is committed to outdoor furnishing. The product series cover pillows and cushions, outdoor sofas, dining tables and chairs. We focus on quality and work closely with the world's top outdoor fabric brands, with a variety of fabric colors. After years of experience accumulation, it has been loved by many consumers and designers.

china outdoor furniturecover