Outdoor Cushion Manufacturers | Choice and use of sleeping pad

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Choice and use of sleeping pad
1. Lightweight is supreme: long-term crossing/lightweight walking
     Long-term traversal of more than 3 days, the whole journey is self-supporting, a lot of supplies, and the backpack space is limited, at this time a small and light inflatable cushion is the first choice. Remember to bring the sleeping pad patch, usually a set will be given when you buy it. Prudent mountain friends often bring foam cushions for emergencies. On the left is an air cushion, on the right is a foam cushion, and there is a self-inflating cushion in the middle. How do you choose for reloading? Sometimes the idea of ​​lightweighting tends to pay more attention to weight rather than volume. After tailoring, foam pads that can be used for multiple purposes are more favored by lightweight players. Foam cushions can be used as backpack backboards, seat cushions, and sleeping cushions, and are popular among lightweight players.
2. Keep warm first: winter camping, high-altitude camps
    Camping on foot in winter, or camping in high-altitude cold areas, the night temperature is below 10 ℃, the earth is cold, if you want to sleep well, the sleeping mat must be warm. You can choose an inflatable cushion with an R value higher than 5, or you can choose an inflatable cushion + foam cushion combination with an R value of 3-5. The R value is a combination of foam cushion + inflatable cushion that can be perfectly stacked, which can take into account warmth and durability. It is worth mentioning that the R value of the snow surface is only 20/1 of that of the ice surface and the rock surface. For camping in an ice and snow environment, try to choose a clean and flat snow surface to place the tent sleeping pad.
3. Durable: extreme climbing environment
     In the extreme climbing environment, foam cushions are the mainstream. You can see that all the climbers’ backpack photos are bundled with a yellow egg trough or a large silver roll. There is no need to worry about air leakage, no need to blow air, just throw it on the ground. The foam pad is the most compatible with these extreme environments.