Introduction to popular science on outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture refers to a series of appliances set in open or semi-open outdoor spaces to facilitate people’s healthy, comfortable and efficient public outdoor activities, as opposed to indoor furniture. It mainly covers urban public outdoor furniture, Four categories of products: outdoor leisure furniture for courtyards, outdoor furniture for commercial places, and portable outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture is an important element that determines the form of the exterior of the building (including the space outside the half-space, also known as the material basis of spatial function and the expression of outdoor space).

The difference between outdoor furniture and general furniture is that as a component of the urban landscape environment—the “props” of the city, it has the characteristics of “publicity” and “communication” in a general sense. As an important part of the overall furniture, the basic content of outdoor furniture generally refers to the part of the rest facilities in the urban landscape facilities. For example, rest tables, chairs, umbrellas, etc. used in outdoor or semi-outdoor spaces.