How to choose the right baby quilt

Different seasons have different criteria for choosing baby quilts.

1. Spring and Autumn

Babies in spring and autumn are more sensitive to room temperature around 15 degrees Celsius. So you need to buy a slightly larger quilt, especially the hands, feet, and hands, so you can buy high-quality cotton, not too thick, the best quilt is about 1 catty. When spring and summer alternate, you can choose a slightly thinner cotton.

2. Summer

Summer is relatively hot, so the quilt should not be too thick, preferably silk or thin towels. But be sure to cover the abdomen, there is no problem with bare hands and feet. And prevent babies from kicking the quilt.

3. Winter

In winter, the temperature is relatively low and the temperature drops. At this time, the quilt should be relatively thick, and it is best to use a sleeping bag to prevent the baby from kicking the quilt. The quilt is about 3.5kg. Especially the feet and hands should be handled carefully.