The main classification of sofa

The main classification of sofa
Main categoriesedit
Feature classification
Sofas are necessary furniture for many families. The sofas sold in the market generally include low-back sofas, high-back sofas and ordinary sofas in between. The three features are introduced below for consumers to choose to buy.
Low-back sofa: a light chair that belongs to the rest type. It uses a supporting point to support the user's waist (lumbar spine). The backrest of this kind of sofa is low, generally about 370mm from the seat surface, and the angle of the backrest is also small, which is not only conducive to rest, but also makes the outer size of the entire sofa corresponding Zoom out. This kind of sofa is more convenient to move, lightweight, and has a small floor space.
High-back sofa: also known as aviation seat. It is characterized by three fulcrums, so that the waist, shoulders, and back of the head rest on the curved backrest at the same time. These three supporting points do not form a straight line in space, so the technical requirements for making this sofa are relatively high, and it is difficult to choose when buying. To make the wooden frame of the high-back sofa, the three-point turning surface must be clearly made on the shelf. Otherwise, it will be difficult to ensure the position of the support point when the sofa is covered and other processes, which will bring discomfort to the user. When choosing a high-back sofa, pay attention to whether the three supporting points on the back are reasonable and proper, which can be judged by the test seat. The high-back sofa evolved from the recliner. In order to improve the rest performance, it can also be used as a footstool, and the height of the front of the sofa can be the same as that of the front of the sofa seat.
Ordinary sofa: It is a common kind of family sofa. Most of the sofas sold in the market are such sofas. It has two supporting points to support the lumbar and thoracic spine of the user, and can achieve the effect of matching the curved surface of the body back. The angle between the backrest of this type of sofa and the seat surface is very important. If the angle is too large or too small, the user's abdominal muscles will be strong and fatigue. Similarly, the width of the sofa seat should not be too large, usually within 540 mm according to the standard, so that the user's calf can freely adjust the sitting posture and rest more comfortably.
Material classification
There are three main categories: leather sofas, fabric sofas (actually fabric sofas) and curved wood sofas.
Style classification
American sofa:
Emphasizes comfort but occupies more space. American-style sofas mainly emphasize comfort, which makes people feel like being gently embraced. At present, many sofas are all made of sponges with different hardnesses on the main frame. Many traditional American sofa bases still use the design of spring and sponge, which makes this kind of sofa very strong and durable.
Japanese style sofa:
Emphasize comfort, nature, and simplicity. The biggest feature of the Japanese-style sofa is the fence-shaped wooden armrest and the short design. This kind of sofa is most suitable for people who admire natural and simple home style. The small Japanese-style sofa reveals a rigorous attitude towards life. Therefore, Japanese-style sofas are often used in some office spaces.
Chinese sofa:
Emphasizes warm in winter and cool in summer, suitable for all seasons. The Chinese style sofa is characterized by the exposed solid wood frame. The upper sponge cushion can be replaced as needed. This flexible way makes Chinese sofas beloved by many people: warm in winter and cool in summer, convenient and practical, suitable for my country's national conditions with a large temperature difference between north and south.
European style sofa:
Emphasizes simple lines, suitable for modern homes. European-style sofas are characterized by rich modern style, relatively elegant colors and simple lines, which are suitable for most families. This kind of sofa has a wide range of applications, and it feels good to be placed in various styles of rooms. Recently, light-colored sofas, such as white and beige, are more popular.
Modern furniture sofa:
Emphasize comfort, nature, and simplicity. Not only can be used to decorate the room, but also a good place to take a nap and dream when you are tired. Compared with the noble and cool appearance of the leather sofa, the fabric sofa has an extra layer of intimacy and nature, which seems to be more in line with the warm atmosphere of home, bringing a simple, simple, noble and romantic style to your warm harbor.
Sofa variants
A variant is that the corner sofa is generally L-shaped and placed in a corner position, which not only provides more seats, but also makes full use of space. There are also some designs that do not place it in the corner but deliberately place it in the center, as a screen to separate the two spaces (such as the living room and the dining room).
Another variant of the sofa is the chaise longue (Chaise Longue), which is similar to a two-seater sofa, but only has a backrest and armrests on one side, so people must recline instead of sitting on the chaise longue. Chaise longues are different from general sofas that can be used by multiple people. They are usually used for personal rest, nap, sleep sleep and other purposes.