Introduction to the use of polyester fiber

Polyester fiber is a kind of synthetic fiber, commonly known as polyester. It is now widely used in various apparel fabrics. Polyester fiber fabrics have good wrinkle resistance, good elasticity, and certain insulation properties. The use of fiber fabrics is very wide. Polyester fiber is actually the earliest synthetic fiber discovered. Polyester fiber is also called polyester, generally refers to polyethylene terephthalate. The fiber made on the basis of polyester is called polyester. It is one of the three major synthetic fibers and the most important synthetic fiber in the world.

Woven polyester or polyester fibers are widely used in daily life, such as: underwear, hats, coats, bed sheets, computer mouse pads and so on. Industrial polyester materials such as some fibers, ropes and ropes are also used for conveyor belt fabrics, safety belts, coated fabrics and so on. Polyester fiber is also used for furniture fillings, stuffed pillows and so on. Polyester fibers are not easily stained by stains, and the only dye that can be used to change the fabric of polyester fibers is disperse dyes.

Polyester fiber often cooperates with other natural fibers to show the characteristics of both. Clothes made of cotton and polyester fiber are very strong, wrinkle-resistant, tear-resistant, and not easy to shrink. They have advantages over cotton clothes. Polyester fiber has poor air permeability and prevents moisture from escaping. Polyester fiber can be ignited by lightly touching the flame. The fiber curls and melts into beads and drops. When burning, it produces black smoke and has an aromatic smell. The ashes are black hard particles.