Do you know what bamboo charcoal fiber is?

Bamboo charcoal fiber is made of moso bamboo as raw material, through pure oxygen, high temperature and nitrogen blocking and delayed calcination process and new technology. Its unique fiber structure design is moisture-absorbing and breathable, antibacterial and antibacterial, warm in winter and cool in summer, and green Environmental protection and other characteristics.

Bamboo charcoal is known as the "black diamond" and is known internationally as the "new guardian of environmental protection in the 21st century". It makes bamboo charcoal inherently have finer and honeycomb pores, and then melt-spins it with polyester modified chips that tend to have a honeycomb structure.

The biggest difference of the fiber is that each bamboo charcoal fiber has a honeycomb-like microporous structure that penetrates inside and outside. This unique fiber structure design can make 100% of the functions of bamboo charcoal come into play. The birth of this multi-functional bamboo charcoal fiber is a revolutionary innovation of textile multi-functional raw materials.