Introduction to popular science about bamboo charcoal fiber

Bamboo charcoal fiber is another brand-new environmentally friendly material with excellent performance developed by bamboo resources. Bamboo charcoal is formed after the bamboo is treated by a high temperature drying and carbonization process of 800 degrees. Bamboo charcoal has strong adsorption and decomposition ability, can absorb moisture, deodorize and antibacterial, and has the properties of negative ion penetration.

Bamboo charcoal fiber uses nanotechnology. First, the bamboo charcoal is micronized, and then the nano-scale bamboo charcoal micropowder is processed by a high-tech process. Then, the traditional chemical fiber preparation process can be used to spin and form to prepare qualified bamboo charcoal fibers.

The cross section of the bamboo charcoal fiber is covered with large and small oval pores, which can instantly absorb and evaporate a large amount of water. The high hollowness of the natural cross-section makes bamboo charcoal fibers known by industry experts as "breathing" fibers and "fiber queens".