About the advantages of bamboo charcoal fiber

At present, there are two main types of popular bamboo charcoal fibers in the market: one is (viscose-based) bamboo charcoal fiber, which is made of bamboo charcoal made from high-quality wild bamboo in southern my country. The fine powder is then added to viscose, and the functional fiber is spun.

The other category belongs to (polyester-based) bamboo charcoal fibers. The fiber production method is to add bamboo charcoal ultrafine powder into polyester chips and obtain them through a melt spinning process.

Bamboo charcoal viscose fiber contains bamboo charcoal micropowder. Because bamboo charcoal has the characteristics of large specific surface area and super high adsorption, the fiber fully reflects the adsorption odor, elegant fragrance, antibacterial and antibacterial properties of bamboo charcoal, shielding electromagnetic wave radiation, and emitting far Infrared, regulating temperature and humidity, beauty and skin care and other effects.