Do you know how to choose a baby quilt?

Start by paying attention to the fabric of the baby quilt. Bamboo fiber is a kind of green and environmentally friendly fiber material extracted from bamboo. It has high green environmental protection, good air permeability, unique resilience, instant water absorption and strong longitudinal and transverse strength and other excellent properties.

Due to the special structure of bamboo fiber, the height of the natural cross-section is "hollow", industry experts call bamboo fiber "breathing fabric", and the textiles made of it are called "second skin"; children's blankets made of cotton fabrics , Comfortable touch, good air permeability; Coral fleece children's blanket, very soft, soft and soft to protect the baby's skin.

The new baby quilt will have fluff on the baby. Be sure to bring a big bib. At the same time, pay attention to the baby's mouth to bite such a baby quilt, which will cause damage to the baby. Therefore, it is best to put it on the baby blanket. A blanket cover. If there is a thread on the baby's quilt, be sure to cut it off, so as to avoid entangling the baby's hands and feet and hurting the baby. The anti-static effect of the blanket is better to avoid unnecessary harm.