Do you know what outdoor sunlounge cushion is

outdoor sunlounge cushion is one of the furniture with new styles and functional uses that appeared in the Qing Dynasty. In the late feudal society in my country, the craftsmanship and skills continued to improve, people paid more and more attention to the quality of life, the classification of household appliances became more and more fine, and the furniture was also produced accordingly. Come up with some new varieties like recliners.

Outdoor recliner is a recliner designed to be folded using the principle of joint activity, and can be folded and retracted through various folding methods. It is convenient and practical and easy to store. The folding reclining chair is mainly composed of a reclining chair frame with a rear foot frame, a back frame, a front foot frame, and an armrest crossbar. The backrest frame of the folding reclining chair is rotated and articulated behind the seat frame, and one end of the armrest crossbar is articulated on the side bar of the backrest frame. The other end is movably connected with the upper end of the front foot frame.

Compared with the prior art, the folding outdoor sunlounge cushion has the advantages of simple structure, small volume and easy packing after folding, and the backrest can be adjusted after the folding chair is opened. We provide outdoor sunlounge cushion products, if you are interested in outdoor sunlounge cushions, please contact us for more information.