How to choose an outdoor parasol?

How to choose an outdoor parasol?

The style of the outdoor parasol, according to its shape, can be divided into central column umbrella, banana umbrella, wrench umbrella, Roman umbrella, sky-high umbrella, large hanging umbrella, etc. According to its shape, it can be divided into round and square, and then finer. Then there are single-layer and double-layer points. According to its material, it can be divided into wooden umbrellas, aluminum umbrellas, iron umbrellas and so on. So, how should we choose from so many outdoor parasol styles and prices?

1.The surrounding environment, such as the place where you use the umbrella, the wind is relatively strong, then I suggest you use a double-layer outdoor parasol, such an umbrella has an air outlet at the top, and it is better to maintain stability; if you are for decoration, then You don't have to pay special attention to the purchase of parasols, you just make purchases based on the design style of your surrounding environment!

2.Second, in terms of price, you may also wish to look at the high price, where is it high in the end, which will bring unexpected surprises to your purchase.

3.In terms of material, many companies make a big fuss about the material in order to use the price to attract people. For example, the quality of the umbrella cloth, the degree of UV protection, and the thickness of the material can all be changed. The price of the product will go down. In fact, you have purchased such an umbrella, then you will understand why the same umbrella has such a big difference in price in different factories.

4.Fourth, in terms of function, whether the umbrella has lights, is it with solar lights, or power lights. You can choose according to your needs.