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contemporary outdoor dining tables | Dining Table CT-20

CT-20 dining table dining has a unique heel design that gathers a point to form a triangular opposition, highlighting its stability, and at the same time it has a visual impact design. The design angle of the heel is also adjusted by observing the human sitting posture. Let everyone sitting in front of the stage have enough space and enjoyment.

contemporary outdoor dining tables
Product specification:

• Stainless steel + HPL table top
• Size: Dia 129×74.5cm  

Packing details:
• Wrapped by bubble film and Carton packing

Application introduction:
• It is suitable for the garden, balcony or the outdoor restaurant.
Dining Table-CT-20-4
Dining Table-CT-20-13
Dining Table-CT-20-8
Dining Table-CT-20-5
Dining Table-CT-20-6
Dining Table-CT-20-7
Dining Table-CT-20-10
Dining Table-CT-20-11
Dining Table-CT-20-12
Dining Table-CT-20-9

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