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China Upholstered Outdoor Sofas | Sofa SF-32

The fabric styles of SF-32 sofa are diversified, freely matched, simple, light and luxurious, comfortable to sit, and large in volume, suitable for gatherings of many people.

Product specification
• Aluminum frame + stainless steel
• SF-32  single seat size: 84×98.5 ×71cm
• SF-32  two seater size: 84×187×71cm  
• SF-32  three seater size: 84×205×71cm  
• SF-32  Left and right armrest size: 84×189×71cm
• SF-32  Corner dimension size: 84×84×71cm
• SF-32  Median sizesize: 84×84×71cm

Packing details:
• Wrapped by bubble film and Carton packing

Application introduction:
• It is suitable for the balcony and garden.
china upholstered outdoor sofas
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